The SOLERA RADIO CLUB is a group of residents who are licensed amateur radio operators, those interested in obtaining an amateur radio license, or who are just interested in radio communications.

Some Radio Club members are participants on the Emergency Communication Team (ECT) administered by the Solera CERT Cadre. Their focus is to assist the community by communicating through a Solera dedicated radio repeater (FCC License WREB621). In a crisis situation and when standard telephone services become unavailable, ECT participants will have the ability to call a designated radio center via their walkie-talkie radios and seasoned radio operators at the center will have direct contact with city and county agencies.

Radio Club Meetings are held each Friday of the month. The First Friday meeting is held at the Kafe Royale in Calimesa at 8am. All other meetings will be held in the Arts & Craft's Room at the Clubhouse starting at 9am.



How To Use A Baofeng UV-5R As A Police, Fire, Emergency Scanner

The Yucaipa Valley Amateur Radio Club (YVARC) meeting, 7:00-8:00pm Tuesday September 7, 2021. Attending club members are eager to learn how Riverside and San Bernardino counties prepare for emergency communications. The meeting will take place at the Mesa Grande School, 975 Fremont St., Calimesa. Parking Instructions.

There will be a class sponsored by the Yucaipa Valley Radio Club in September for those wishing to upgrade from Technician to General. For more information, go to their website at .

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